About the Journal

The journal is concerned with high-level investigations of modern physical and mechanical problems and reports current progress in this field. The journal also encourages contributions from the newly emerging areas such as biomechanics, electromechanics, the mechanical behavior of advanced materials, nanomechanics, and many other inter-disciplinary research areas in which the concepts of applied mechanics are extensively applied and developed.

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Most cited articles (Source: SCOPUS)

Effect of thermal insulation on building thermal comfort and energy consumption in Egypt, Morsy, M., Fahmy, M., Abd Elshakour, H., Belal, A.M.

Sustainable power generation pathways in Malaysia: Development of long-range scenarios, Samsudin, M.S.N., Rahman, M.M., Wahid, M.A.

A simulation on the effect of ultrasonic vibration on ultrasonic assisted soldering of Cu/SAC305/Cu joint , Sharaf, Hussein, Jalil, Nawal Aswan Abdul, Salman, Sadeq